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The real first automated and complete car shade.   It is easy, simple and very secure


Click here to play video demonstration  sunroof mount or roof rack mount.  


No more hassles.  Your car can become a deadly oven, so protect yourself and your loved ones.     




the first automated Car Shade.


* You donít need to touch it to use it.


* It will protect your car the whole time itís parked.


* You will not need to spend any gas or electricity while you use it.


* With a click of a remote control button you can deploy it and put away.


* You can uninstall it after the summer, winter or at any time. (roof racks only)


* It will protect most of your car from sunlight heat, snow, hail, birds drops, etc.


* Itís faster, more reliable, and economical than any other product in the market.


*It's mounted on car roof-racks like the police siren lights, or on a built-in sun-roof mount.


* It will give you much, much better sunlight protection than any other conventional products.


* There is no comparison to the Car Shade. This is the first and only product of its kind in the market.


*Advertise you Business, favored Sport team, University, Country flag or send  a message like love, peace etc.



Say goodbye to sun and hail damage and to cleaning snowy and dirty windshields.


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